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  • packings, plastic packings, stretch films, pe films, shrink films, pe shrink films, air bubble rolls, pallet shrink films, plast paper sheets, t-shirt bags, shopping bags, t-shirt bags on roll, garbage bags, ldpe film rolls, heavy duty bags, ldpe bags, hdpe bags, bags, greenhouse films, heat curtains, irrigation hoses, mulch films, seedling bags, fertilizer bags, silage films, solarization films, packing, plastic packing, stretch film, pe film, shrink film, pe shrink film, air bubble roll
    As Besen Plastic we manufacture and supply packings, plastic packings, stretch films, pe films, shrink films, pe shrink films, air bubble rolls, pallet shrink films, plast paper
    Telephone: +90 322 394 51 56 Address: Hacı Sabancı Org. San. Böl., Oğuz Kağan Köksal Bulv. No: 25, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey
  • ambulance equipments, rotary vane lubricated vacuum pumps, ambulance, ambu mark iii resuscitator, medical gas systems, ambu silicone resuscitator, electromechanical medical systems, ambu laryngeal mask, ambulances, blue sensor elektrod, ambulance conversion, ambu emergency case, automatic panel board, oxygen central, ambu emergency soft pack, single stage automatic board, reanimed resuscitation case, air central station, screw rotary compressors, reanimed emergency bag
    ReaniMed Healthcare with its specialized engineering team, experienced over 20 years is continuously extending its activities and product range, in order to cover the demands of
    Telephone: +90 216 364 13 30 Address: Bostancı yolu, Haseki sk. No:22 / 34776, Y.Dudullu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • elevators, helixes, conveyors, conveying belts, sieves, mixers, aspirators, cyclones, silos, air channels, chambers, elevator, helix, conveyor, conveying belt, sieve, mixer, aspirator, cyclone, silo, air channel, chamber, z type elevators, vertical z type elevators, swing z elevators, z type chrome elevators, tilting z type elevators, chrome food helixes, chrome chambers, buckets, election coveying belts, election boards, vertical bucket elevators, chain type elevators, sanding elevators, Conveying and Handling, Aspirators, Cleaners and Graders, Cleaners, Grain, Pulse, Cleaning and Disinfection Products, Cleaning Equipment, Filter Bag, Cleaning Equipment, Mill Spout, Conveyor Belting, Conveyors, Conveyors, Belt, Conveyors, Flexible, Spiral, Conveyors, Screw, Conveyors, Vacuum, Elevator Belting, Elevator Bucket Bolts, Elevator Buckets, Elevator Chain, Elevator Components, Elevators, Elevators, Belt, Elevators, Bucket-Type, Elevators, Cage-Type, Elevators, Continuous Platform, Elevators, Magnetic, Elevators, Manlift, Elevators, Pneumatic, Elevators, Screw, Grain Handling Systems, Grain Protection, Security Seals, Separators, Grader, Separators, Gravity, Separators, Liquid and Solid, Separators, Magnetic, Sizing Equipment, Seed Processing, Seed Grader, Seed Cleaners, Seed Sorters, Seed Conveyors, Pulses processing, Pulses Cleaning, Pulses Machine, Cereal Cleaning, Peanut Cleaning, Groundnut Processing, Wheat Cleaner, Wheat Grader, Wheat Sorter, Rice Cleaner, Rice Grader, Processing Plant, Seed Plant, Grain Plant, Pulses Plant, Wheat Plant
    As SRD Makine we manufacture and supply elevators, helixes, conveyors, conveying belts, sieves, mixers, aspirators, cyclones, silos, air channels, chambers, elevator, helix,
    Telephone: +90 530 114 65 46 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Büsan OSB 10651 Sk. No: 7, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • cleaning brushes, dustpans, shovels, dust pans, brooms, cleaning materials, cleaning carts, floor carts, air fresheners, mop sticks, mops, floor cleaning mops, cleaning sets, swabs, rubbers, gloves, cleaning sponges, liquid soap dispensers, rubbish bags, refuse sacks, bin bags, trash bags, bins, trashcans, dustbins, cleaning brush, dustpan, shovel, dust pan, broom
    Nemkar is at your service with economic prices and quality services in products such as cleaning products, cleaning buckets, paper towels, cleaning carts, cleaning mops, household
    Telephone: +90 212 507 33 02 Address: Sanayi Mah., Sancaklı Cad., Ozan Sok. No:2, Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
  • milling machines, millers, roller mills, pneumatic roller mills, square plansifters, prufiers, plansifters, bran finishers, flour finishers, jet filters, air jet filters, pneumatic cyclones, manifold pipes, impact detachers, air locks, rotoflows, tube screw conveyors, vitamine dosing machines, vibro feeders, flour depots, separators, dry stoners, vibro tarars, radial tarars, scourers, silos, elevator, dust cyclone, pneumambariatik rollernill, compressor, sewing machine, elektronik scale elektrikel motors, magnet, injector, pipe type, exstra equipments for nillin machine, screw conveyor with leg, loading conveyor, turning chimney ecluse, bucket elevator, blending machine, electrical control panel, extraction scale, automatic bagging, flour distrubitor, blower, rotoflow, separator, dry stoner, air canal, horizontak scourer, double trieur, trieur, vibro tarar, radial tarar, washing with vertikal drying, wheat friktion machinery, flowmeter, intensive dampener, inclined intensive dampener, bucket dampening, kontrolsieve, pneumtic fan, flour depot, inclined intensive dampen, flour -branscrewconveyor, bucket and belts, round oereforated sheet, sight glass eith frame perforated, muisture meter, roller-mills mill
    OZBASAK Milling Machinery Manufacturing Inc. is committed to serve the industry with EKONOMİLL brand for more than 21 years since the establishment with modern technology and many
    Telephone: +90 332 249 32 28 Address: Fevzi Cakmak Mah., 10670 Sk., No: 10, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • solarization films, mulch films, greenhouse films, silage stretch films, stretch films, fruit bags, bags, vegetable bags, silage films, films, stretch hoods, shrink films, shrinks, air bubble rolls, air bubble bags, shrink hoods, pe films, p.e. Films, t-shirt bags, heavy duty sacks, sacks, printed packagings, printed packings, printed films, garbage bags, solarization film, mulch film, greenhouse film, silage stretch film, stretch film, fruit bag, bag, vegetable bag, silage film
    Sepaş Plastik A.Ş. was founded in 1984 and now become a leading PE Film manufacturer in Turkey. Our products range from argicultural film to industrial films and printed
    Telephone: +90 322 394 46 36 Address: H.S OSB. Sabancı Cad. No: 5, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey
  • air purifying systems, bag filters, central air conditioning system, chillers, concrete cooling systems, cooling systems, dehumidification systems, elctrostatic filters, heat recovery systems, heating systems, hepa filters, hvac systems, hygienic air conditioning systems, panel filters, rooftop air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, water chillers
    Starting its business life in 2000, Alperen Muhendislik operates in hvac systems and manufactures standard and hygienic air conditioning systems, water chillers, concrete cooling
    Telephone: +90 212 503 35 36 / +90 212 503 19 05 / +90 212 50 Address: Osb Mahallesi Birlik Sanayi Sitesi 2. Cadde No: 118 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul, Turkey
  • 600-5000 denier hammed yarn, air textured yarns, carpet warp yarn, cf multifilament bag sewing yarn, different color of pp bags, different color of pp fabrics, hammed yarn, inner weaving yarn, inner weaving yarn for hose, laminated bag, narrow weaving yarn, polyester warp yarn, polypropylene bag, polypropylene bags, polypropylene continuous yarns, polypropylene texturized yarn, polypropylene warp yarn, pp bag, pp yarn, rope yarn, up to four color printing, valve sacks
    Atmaz Textile Industry and Trade Co. is one of the leading companies on polypropylene bag and polypropylene continious filament yarn, which is founded in 1991 at Gaziantep.Atmaz
    Telephone: 00903423371030(3 lines) Address: 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2 Nolu Cad. No:2 Başpınar27120 Gaziantep, Turkey
  • aero, aircraft, spare parts, spare, parts, helicopter, plane, defence, aviation, textile, military, air, ground, turbine, motor engine, engine, aircraft engine, machine, flap, both, valfe, bolt, screw, lamp, led, filtre, drone, jet, turbo, probe, airvehicle, flight, cocpit, radio, earphone, walk talk, uniform, belt, hat, tire, recorder, gasket, oring, battery, pressure, system, set, case, gloves, projector, cable, rope, wire, equipment, glass, balistic, steel, armor, body, suit, metal, technologies, computer, electrical, electronic, chemical, shelflife, paint, tools, radar, radom, scope, transmitter, receiver, emergency, wind, packet, hidrolic, work safety, parachute accessories, assembly, cabin, safety, tactical gloves, hook cable system, tactical, airport, winglet, fuselage, weapon, hardware, aircraft tyre, empennage, undercarriage, arresting barrier, ordnance, monoplane, multiplane, command and control system, medical apron, cabin crew training, heavy construction equipment, stab vest, balistic protective vest, jumpsuit for paintball, camouflage, hunting gloves, tactical knee guard, crash helmet, headlamp, silver scabbardfish, handcuff, kit bag
    Bora Aviation&Defence founded in 2015 in the field of aviation, as a continuation of development activities in the logistics field, by main company AlphaGlobal Logistics servicing
    Telephone: +90 533 618 84 07 Address: Eskişehir Yolu, 2177 Sk. No: 10/B, Via Twins Kat:20 06510 Söğtözü, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • bagless vacuum cleaner, blenders, canister vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, choppers, clothes hangers, dry vacuum cleaners, electrical home appliances, electronic home tools, grill toast machines, hand blenders, home appliances, home appliances, household cleaning, industrial cleaning, juice extractor, kettles, kitchen robots, kitchen tools, kitchen utensil, kitchenware, manufacture of home appliances, mixer, popcorn makers, pratic upright vacuum cleaner, professional hair-dryers, samovars, tea makers, the best home appliances, coffee maker, water filter cleaning robots, wet dry vacuum cleaners, air cooler, appliance, appliance industry, appliances, ceiling fans, cooler fan, electric appliance, electric fan, electrical, electrical appliances, fans home, home appliance, household appliance, small household appliance, home appliances, home cooler, kitchen, kitchen appliances, kitchen equipment, largest appliance, mini fan, refrigerator, small appliances, top appliance
    Fanset has been in Small Household Appliances and Professional Cleaning Machine Industry with wide range of products since 1986. Today it’s become a powerful company with its
    Telephone: +90 212 697 57 70 Address: Merkez Mah. Kavaklı Cad. Sönmez Sok. No.24 Halkalı, İstanbul, Turkey
  • air bag, container, damage, dunnage bond, installation, pallet
    Telephone: 0216 660 19 91/3 Hat Address: Ferhatpaşa Mah.G/17 Sok.No:130 Kayışdağı / İst, Turkey
  • children's bike, toys car, pushchair, bicycle, battery powered cars, scooters, bicycle spare parts, bicycle wheels, bicycle foot, bicycle wheel, baby car seat, baby swing, children's motor, battery motor, baby's highchair, baby table, cleaning products, cleaning materials, wet wipes, room perfume, air freshener, packaging, packing box, packing bags, baby bicycle, baby walker, baby carriage, baby cradle, laundry drying rack
    The company is one of the leading companies in the sector being active since 2002 in Istanbul.Under the brand Elitjantsan the company manufactures bicycles for children and grown
    Telephone: +90 555 811 11 18 Address: Uğur Mumcu Mah. 2347. Sok. No: 8 Sultançiftliği/İstanbul, Turkey
  • air compressor, boiler, fusing machine, hand iron, heater, ironing board, ironing table, jacket finishing, manual presses, pneumatic presses, polly bagg, retouching table, rodeo finishing, seam opening iron, spot removing machines, steam boiler, steam genaators, topper, tricot ironing machines, trousers ironing presses, universal presses, vacuum motors
    We have been in ironing and finishing industry for 42 years in Turkey.We have reputation that we have build over the years by exporting to 87 countries. We produce 550
    Telephone: 902124779797 Address: Kucukkoy Karayolları Mah 559 Sok No:16 34255 Gazıosmanpasa Istanbul, Turkey
  • drinking straw making machine, straw bending machine, plastic cup thermoforming machine, air bubble film making machine, printing machine, bag making machine, film blowing machine
    Ruitai Machinery Manufacturer and Exporter Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for producing flexible packaging and plastic machinery equipment. Since our company established
    Telephone: 8657765135631 Address: shangwang industrial area
  • drinking straw machine, drinking straw making machine, air bubble film making machine, stretch film making machine, disposable plastic glove making machine, plastic cup thermoforming machine, bag making machine, film blowing machine, flexographic printing machine, bag making machine, wet wipe packing machine, paper cup making machine, facial mask machine
    RUITAI MACHINERY MFG&EXP CO.,LTD is a professional company in dealing various plastic machinery and soft packing machinery. Since our establishment in 1998, we are always
    Telephone: 86-577-65785957 Address: Hwy 104 Yongguang,Shangwang Industrial District,Ruian,China
  • roll airsprings, cabin air, airsprings without piston, convoluted, complete airsprings with piston, airsprings, air below, air bag
    SS SÜSPANSİYON SİSTEMLERİ ve YEDEK PARÇA SAN.TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. We have honour to introduce our company as manufacturer company for the air springs and established in
    Telephone: +90 224 411 0260 Address: Nosab Dokumculer Sit.104.Sk.No.28 Nilufer, Turkey
  • carpet cleaning machine, vacuum cleaners, satellite receiver, electrical switches, plug, automotive air filter, wire products, food products, olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, sheets, duvet, duvet set, textile products, prayer rug, otel textile, towel products, garlic, plastic bags, recycled bags, market wheels, industrial wheels, cleaning cloth, kettle, water heater, auto timing belt
    My name is HALİT SAYIN.I own an import and export company in Turkey.We are doing business with many countries.I can assure each product that you want.The products which we export
    Telephone: 03322151516 Address: Nişantaşı Mah. Selçuklu / KONYA
  • brake shoe, brake lining, slack adjuster, air hose, camshaft, axle parts, semi-trialer parts, fifth wheel, kingpin, brake chamber, air bag, mudguard
    shenzhen , guangdong ,
    Telephone: 0086 13560744704 Address: SHENZHEN Guangdong ,China
  • acid oil tank, acid tank, agitator, air pollution control, air pollution control systems, bag houses, blowers, chemical tank, clo2, cr strip pickling tanks, electro pickling, fiberglass product, frp product, frp-grp fans, fume-exhaust-sys, fume-scrubber, fumeless pickling, galvanizing, grp-products, hcl, hypo reactors, pp tanks, pp-frp, pp-h tank, pvc, pvdf-frp, static mixture, storage, wire pickling lines, zincing
    A professionally managed company ShivasProjects promoted by technocrats in 1994 is one of the leading designer , manufacturers and suppliers of Air pollution control systems
    Telephone: 911202867115 , 6545666 Address: C-71/7 BS RAOD INDUSTRIAL AREA, SITE -1 ,NEAR LOHA MANDI
  • air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, cartridge filters, bag filter, transmission filter, water filter, sand blasting filter
    air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, cartridge filters, bag filter, transmission filter, water filter, sand blasting
    Telephone: 0-216-3118888 Address: Samandıra, Turkey
  • air filter, compact filter, dust collector filter, dust filter, filter bag, filter press, filter system, filters, hepa filter, liquid filter, pocket filter
    Turkeli Filter are a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Dust and Liquid filter bag,Dust Collector System, Cartridge Filter and so on Turkeli Filter was
    Telephone: 232 360 12 34 Address: 2836 Sokak No:17 , Turkey
  • generators, gasoline generators, diesel generators, pull cord generators, single phase generators, three phase generators, bag type generators, generator with starter, wheeled generators, inverter generators, automatic generator, automatically activated generators, air cooled generators, single cylinder generator, single phase generator, three phase generator, generator, single phase gasoline generators, three phase gasoline generators, single phase diesel generators
    Uludag Jenerator has continued its business life in Umraniye, Istanbul since its foundation in 2002. Known with world class productions, product diversity, product and service
    Telephone: +90 (532) 677 29 82 Address: Koğukçınar Mahallesi Demiryolu Caddesi Kanlıceviz Çıkmazı No:3/A Osmangazi - Bursa/Turkey
  • Stretch Film, Air Bubble Nylon, Shrink Film, Bubble Wrap, Band, Agricultural Products Package, Pe Brenda, Garbage Bag, Packaging
    Telephone: 90216 393 80 81 Address: Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi 9. Yol Ç-2 Parsel - Aydınlı - Tuzla / İSTANBUL/ turkey
  • a crusher, a pulse jet-juicy-vibratory-cyclone filters, air lock, air transport, bagging, band-chain elevator, building chemicals, bunkers, coal screening, conveyors, crushing, dosage, enrichment, feeders, grinding plants, jigs, lime-fighting, mining, multi-storey-circular screens, packaging, packaging units, playful base, powder-liquid mixer, public-hammer mill, rinsing machines., sand mining, silos, vibromotorlar
    Telephone: +90 212 7982625 (4 hat) Address: A. Kahveci Bulvarı Kos Koop. San. Sitesi 3. Blok No:2-4-6 Ömerli - Hadımköy - Çatalca
  • air filter, basalt fiber, basalt bag, cable color pull tape, dust bag, dust collector bag, filter bag, bag frame cage, bag venturi, filter cloth, filter fabric, filter felt, filter mesh net, filter screen, industry filter material media, innerduct fabric, non woven filter, polyester mesh, stainless steel
    China filtration product specialists Our products have passed ISO9001 2000, we supply various of filtration fabric for different types of filtration condition, Industrial filter
    Telephone: +86-576-83672255 Address: Industrial Zone,Pingqiao,Tiantai County,Zhejiang Province,China 317203
  • air filter, air slide, antistatic, china industrial filter material, dust collect bag, dust collect support, filter cloth fabric, filter media, filter mesh, gas fume filter, industrial thread, liquid filter bag, mesh net, nonwoven needle felt, press filter, ptfe membrane coated, venturi pipe, water oil repellent, woven fabric
    ZHEJIANG HEADING ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD Location in Zhejiang, China, is an innovative company delivering powerful filtration solutions to help companies increase market
    Telephone: 86-576-83672255 Address: Industrial Zone,Pingqiao,Tiantai County,Zhejiang Province,China
  • filters, industrial filters, industrial filter, disposable filters, microglass hydraulic filters, hydraulic filters, dust collector filtering elements, dust collector filtering, dust collector filters, air filters, air-oil separator filters, separator filters, hvac filters, bag filters, compact filters, nbc filters, portable filters, process filters, disposable panel filters, liquid filters
    Akfil has been dealing in high quality filter manufacturing for various sectors since 1982. Settled over a closed area of 5500 m2, Akfil employs high level machinery and
    Telephone: +90 326 626 20 17-18-19 Address: Prof.Muammer Aksoy Cad. No.31 P.K.181 İskenderun, Turkey
  • air dunnage bag, container secure packaging, dunnage bag, inflatabe packaging, loading security packaging, pp dunnage bag, protective packaging
    Dunnage Bag, Pp Dunnage Bag, Air Dunnage Bag, Inflatabe Packaging, Loading Security Packaging, Container Secure Packaging, Protective Packaging, Turkish Manufacturer Company,
    Telephone: +905324281811 Address: Atakent Mh. Manolya Evlerı 234 Sk. C3-10 Blok Da:10 Halkalı - Kucukcekmece, Turkey
  • dunnage bags, airbags, cargo airbags, cargo air bags, dunnage air bags, air pillows, air cushions, international dunnage
    International Dunnage is an American and Turkish joint venture company which was established in 2004 to manufacture and supply dunnage bags to the world market. All
    Telephone: 00902165934600 Address: Barbaros Mah. Cigdem sok. No:1 Agaoglu My Office Kat:6 No:28-29 Bati Atasehir/Istanbul
  • greenhouse plastic, solaritozn film, mulch film, silage covers, thermal covers, hidroponics grow bag, seedling bags, irrigation hoses, air hoses
    WE COVER THE LIFE Sera Plastik was established in 1969 to produce plastic products. The company has focused on the production of agricultural films since 2000, and is today
    Telephone: +90(242)258 19 39  Address: 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi25497/3Parsel 0 Antalya, Turkey
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